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  • Executive Search & Head Hunting

    Head Hunting top talent for any organisation can be time-consuming, costly, and intricate, therefore it is important to analyze the exact need and then scout for senior or mid level resources. At Profile XL, we know about the science of performance and our innovative search process enables us to become the most preferred recruitment partner when it is about head hunting senior or mid level resources for your company. We give you assurance that you are selecting a senior candidate with the right skills, qualifications, values and compensating them appropriately.

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  • Temporary & Permanent Staffing

    Profile XL is one of the top most recruitment consultancy firms in India, which serves in contract (temp) staffing ,Payroll, Compliance Management and also provides permanent recruitment within a variety of industries. We understand the intricacies of today’s competitive business landscape and also the need for efficient manpower across all kinds of industries, With a presence in 22 cities nationally with head office at Gurgaon, we cater to a variety of indusries/verticals for their recruitment and staffing needs. We have a generous experience of outsourcing of Junior level staff with organizations...

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  • Training & Development                                         

    Training and Development is emerging to be one of the most sought after and exciting domains in today’s dynamic work environments. Acquiring excellent soft skills has become a need of the hour as managerial skills alone do not suffice in these challenging times. A job in learning and development involves design, creation and implementation of training courses for large employers. At Profile XL, we can create a pool of trainers as we are very well networked within the industry. We have a databank of professional trainers who are well qualified, certified, have excellent presentation skills and who...

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