Training & Development

Training and Development is emerging to be one of the most sought after and exciting domains in today’s dynamic work environments. Acquiring excellent soft skills has become a need of the hour as managerial skills alone do not suffice in these challenging times. A job in learning and development involves design, creation and implementation of training courses for large employers. At Profile XL, we can create a pool of trainers as we are very well networked within the industry. We have a databank of professional trainers who are well qualified, certified, have excellent presentation skills and who can nurture and develop people in soft skills. We have the ability to outsource trainers in various fields, if required and also specialize in organizing team building programs for legal firms.


Trainers for Soft Skills

A majority of organizations have dedicated training departments, as the development of trained personnel especially in ‘soft skills’ is seen as key to long-term success. Companies operating in service and manufacturing industries need to constantly upgrade the skills of their workforce, so trainers and coaches are required to deliver ‘soft skills/communications’ training. At Profile XL, we can create this pool of trainers for you.


RNR Retreat Programs for Law Firms

Profile XL has more than a decade of most relevant industry experience especially when it is about catering to law firms or even corporates having in house legal departments. We are passionate about this vertical, and have a strong understanding of the culture of firms operating in the legal domain. Through our deep rooted sense and understanding of this sector, we can be very instrumental in organising end to end team building retreat programs.