Executive Search & Head Hunting

  • Head Hunting top talent for any organisation can be time-consuming, costly, and intricate, therefore it is important to analyze the exact need and then scout for senior or mid level resources. At Profile XL, we know about the science of performance and our innovative search process enables us to become the most preferred recruitment partner when it is about head hunting senior or mid level resources for your company. We give you assurance that you are selecting a senior candidate with the right skills, qualifications, values and compensating them appropriately.
  • We work with an intense client focus and have expertise within the industry as well as with organizations that matter. We have a generous experience of placing top level executives in world’s leading organizations/legal firms and are adept in conducting industry’s finest Executive Search and Head Hunting. We provide our clients an integrated platform to ensure that they get the best set of leaders who can become game changers and can spearhead leadership function/role with great responsibility.
  • Backed by more than a decade of experience in hiring the most relevant staff for the legal industry, Profile XL has a specialized team that caters towards head hunting mid to senior level positions in the legal domain. Recently India’s legal market has opened doors for lots of opportunities other than lawyers. There are few functional areas such as front office, administration, assistance and where entry level opportunities for junior staff also exist. We work prudently for sourcing suitable executives for mid, senior as well as entry level positions for corporate houses. If you decide to source a candidate for your legal firm through Profile XL, you won’t have to take him on your payroll as we take that onus. You can also hugely rely on us for requirements pertaining to senior mid level legal executives. We understand the pulse of the legal sector and align our recruitment strategy so that manpower as well as talent requirement is met to the best possible extent.
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